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Do you remember that feeling that you had when you first saw a beautiful girl tied up?  The way in which the rope accented her legs and ankles?  Was it in a tv show, movie or the pages of a magazine?  Didn’t you want to see more?  More realistic bondage, more struggling and how will the sexy damsel react to her distress.  Will she escape or fall in love with her captor?  You had to explore your fantasies deeper when you discover pictures and videos of hot models bound and gagged in so many ways on the internet. While as hot and sexy as the models were, you still had the need for more. You wanted to  experience the bondage by being involved in the plot. Like a role play that so many of you get involved with. The moment the damsel is captured, when the bad guys say “tie her up”, and when the perilous situation makes you explode with excitement!  Now you’re getting deeper into the bondage realm. 
We all experienced those moments and felt there wasn’t a lot of the detailed telling of the story behind the bondage. Thats where Tied Tales comes in to fill that void. We have been producing videos since 2015 and enjoy working with our lovely young ladies. Our videos have a story line, a plot that we hope fulfills your fantasy and you experience the situation in so many ways! 
We had so much fun writing and creating our stories that we wanted to bring that experience into our videos. We started with interviews followed by game shows and escape challenges.  What’s next?  You tell us!