​Do you remember that feeling when you first laid eyes on a beautiful girl, her limbs bound tightly with rope, accentuating every curve and line of her body? Was it in a captivating TV show, a suspenseful movie, or the glossy pages of a magazine? The image ignited a fire within you, igniting your curiosity for more. You craved to see more realistic bondage, more intense struggles, and witness how the seductive damsel would react to her perilous predicament. Would she attempt to escape or succumb to the charms of her captor? As you delved deeper into your fantasies, the discovery of pictures and videos featuring hot models in a variety of bound and gagged scenarios on the internet only fueled your desire.

But even as enticing as these images were, there was still a yearning for something more. You wanted to be part of the action, to experience the thrill of being involved in the plot. Like a role play brought to life, where every moment from capture to captivity made your heart race with excitement. And that's where Tied Tales steps in - filling that void with our carefully crafted videos since 2015, featuring our lovely young ladies.

Our videos are not just mindless scenes of bondage, but carefully constructed stories with plots that we hope will fulfill your deepest fantasies in ways you never thought possible. We've explored various themes such as interviews, game shows and daring escape challenges - always striving to bring something new and exciting to the table. And now, we invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to expand and create unforgettable experiences for our viewers. What's next? Well, that's for you to decide. Our stories are driven by your desires and imagination. Come explore with us at Tied Tales - where fantasy becomes reality.​​​​​



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