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Who loves the struggles of the poor damsel desperately trying to escape? If that’s you, then we have an offer that you can’t resist!

Members can:
*  Create and submit your damsel in peril fantasy limited to one per month.
* Stream all damsel in peril clips submitted by your peers and that we produce

The scenario will be no longer than 10 minutes and limited to one per customer per month. ring your best so we can put your damsel in peril!
Please allow 6-8 weeks for your fantasy to be produced and uploaded.
You must be a member  for three months when we begin to film your perilous fantasy.
Some submissions will not be allowed due to our production capabilities. If so, we will work with you to do our best to come as close to your fantasy as possible. ​

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​If you love the thrill of watching our hot models try to escape from their bondage then you will LOVE this site. Not only do you get to enjoy their struggles, but you can also request how they can be tied in a challenge. We will honor all requests from members of this site as long as they are safe! You will be able to stream all requested and Tied Tales productions of escape challenges. 

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Now you can download all of the Talettes you would like to and you can stream our full length classic videos. See the likes of Holly Kimberly, Luna Stars, Olivia Dawn and others as they battle their arch nemesis in the best Damsel in distress stories out there!
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